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Our Mission
Find and offer
Our mission is to find and offer innovative brands and products or services to improve your Health and wellbeing. We search the marketplace for its elite contributors to establish long-lasting partnerships. We provide additional value by elaborating on how to use these products and services or in what context they would be most beneficial. 
The Vision
Improve and deepen
It's our vision to improve body, mind and spirit with new insights, a renewed physical and mental fitness, and to raise awareness of the spiritual experience we call life. In this context, we foresee a more capable, conscious and compassionate fellow human being.
Science & Belief
Explore and remember
We believe in evolving insight and have a humble approach to our current knowledge and understanding. We foster a holistic and integral view of Health and use wisdom combined with cutting edge science to explore and validate products, services and protocols.

These are our amazing brands

We have an increasing and thorough selection of brands that we offer to you our customers. Each one has it's place within our mission & vision but is not limited to us at all. So reach out and become our partner by providing these great products to your clients with one of our partner models. 

Our office location

We're happily situated in the centre of Arnhem, The Netherlands. Our company is entirely online and partially decentralised. Visitors are welcome on an appointment basis only.
Velperplein 23, 6811AH in Arnhem
Email: service@weformhealth.com
Phone: +31 (0)26 2031 500
Chamber of Commerce number: 74545078
VAT identification number: NL002189696B08
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How do we categorize our trust products
It's about the process; it's about knowing. It's about science; it's about building according to a plan and following through with its execution. Having knowledge and experience in a troubled world is like having a perfectly etched sword when going out for battle. We provide you with a selection of products that will aid with specific goals. You can trust in these to be the best options in attaining the goals set and supporting you on your way to victory.
How do we categorize peak performance
We can define this elite goal or state as being in a zone of optimal balance and preparation for maximal exertion. This peak state is not limited to pro athletes, as we can apply it to anyone in their respective class or category. Our selection of peak performance products are curated to contribute to class-specific nutritional needs, pre-/intra- workout formula or recovery. All products in this category amplify your health and performance.
How do we position our spirituality category
Spirituality is our most unbound category. The products and services in this category can provide an entry point or support for our most deep, nuanced and ethereal part of being. It offers practical assistance in body awareness, sleep or possibly altered states, and soul food in books, podcasts, or other lifestyle-related recommendations.
How do we define our happiness category
Our happiness category is all about positive emotions organised in an engaging, thought out lifestyle, bringing results, confidence and meaning. It spans support with products and services but will mainly provide diet, lifestyle, and philosophy suggestions.
How do we define our harmony category
Harmony represents a holistic, inclusive and thorough approach to overall health and wellbeing. Its category represents a broad spectrum of products, services and recommendations to keep balance and prevent deficiencies, chronic stressors and seasonal dips. Harmony is about maintaining homeostasis and supporting the body in every phase of life.
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