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In achieving our mission of finding and offering innovative health solutions, it is crucial to collaborate with professionals in the field. Therefore, we formulated several models offering affiliate, retail, and full-service in-store solutions to support you in your business. 
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Service from 9-5
Stock management
Digital register included
As a gym owner, it is vital to stay focused on your core business. We've formulated a turn-key in-store solution where you can do just that. You're able to offer the best supplements in the industry without the investment or the hassle. In addition, you will receive* our complete product line, a digital (Ipad) register, PR material and our full-time service to manage stock, questions and provide training where needed. So power up your business and partner with us.

Personal trainer

Service from 9-5
Stock management
Optional register
When you're offering personal and small group training, you often have multiple facets of your business to get right. Next to your core services in providing a tailored and unique exercise experience, the one-stop solution most clients seek can be hard to fulfil. We can provide you with our on consignment model to complete your offering or our turn-key in-store solution when your gym has enough clients. So stay focused and expand your customer experience by partnering up.

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Affiliate portal
Multi channel
Passive income
As a health professional, enthusiast, pro athlete, influencer or overall active presence in the health and wellness space, you can apply for our affiliate program. It offers technical support for creating links and branding content and a generous (lifetime) customer value kickback providing passive income. Fill in the form and get started with one or multiple brands.

Join as Retailer

< 22:00 Next day delivery
New brands 
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We offer our wholesale services to offline retailers and provide our distribution brands and knowledge to revive the marketplace. As an exclusive distributor for Vivo Life and Gevity supps in The Netherlands, we provide high-quality products and a healthy product margin. Expand your offerings and provide to modern needs by becoming a retail partner.
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